Description: This idea is proposed on the basis of our interests in Biometric Encryption. During the information age, data encryption is very important. We wonder whether we could construct a confidential gene circuits in order to encrypt the information with the help of the diversity and complexity of biological mechanisms. This question enlightened us.We hope to simulate a matrix composed by 0 and 1, and then part of these elements are encrypted by reversing. Using this method, we could get several different gene circuits, making the mixed group of E.coli realize the encryption process at different times and locations. We hope to use short range coupling of the technology of microfluidics, realizing cyclical change of the two quorum sensing materials at each location in the matrix. And then do reversing or not based on different wavelengths of light signals representing 0 and 1, using the corresponding fluorescent proteins to express. Seeing from the appearance, it is just an irregular matrix. In order to get the original information, the decoder have to know the unknown code and the time when correct information appears. Also, biometric encryption doesn’t rely on computers, and therefore, it couldn't be deciphered by conventional methods. If the overall dimension of this device can be reduced a step further, it can become a substitution of the traditional mechanical code case.
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