Description: The bacteria is one of the pathogen of humans. For many years, overusing of antibiotic contributes to antibiotic resistance of many bacteria. At present, drug-resistant bacteria are becoming a huge threaten to human's life health, the development of new antibiotics can't catch its demanding. Focusing on this, our team uses the way of synthetic biology to detect and kill the drug-resistant bacteria.On gram-positive bacterium, we choose the MRSA to study. We make use of the quorum-sensing system of gram-positive bacterium and a genetic switch based on cI and lacI genes, then we design a genetic circuit to detect MRSA and then kill it by producing a toxin, and we put our genetic circuit into the E.coli to produce a new E.coli that can detect MRSA specifically and then kill it. In our experiment, we use MSSA to study because MRSA is a second-level pathogenic bacteria. Now, our present work is connecting the plasmids.In terms of gram-negative bacterium,E. coli was selected and the engineering bacteria was designed to resist antibiotic resistance E. coli. After the engineering bacteria detects the group sense signal molecules of pathogen, siRNA which will silence the gene allowing a bacterium to be resistant to antibiotics is released. Meanwhile, special enzyme is emitted from the engineering bacteria to destroy the biofilm. At this stage we designed and synthesized siRNA, and the next step is to carry out the in vitro transcription experiment of siRNA.
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