Description: The goal of the University of Georgia’s iGEM team is develop tools and methods to further the utility of Archaea in the field of synthetic biology. Previously, we have established an mCherry reporter system. In a fruitful Interlab collaboration with eight other iGEM teams, we have quantified the mCherry fluorescence for a library of ribosomal binding sites or RBS with single-base pair nucleotide substitutions in Methanococcus maripaludis, a model organism for Archaea. As a continuation of last year’s project, this year the our team plans to 1) measure more RBS mutants from last year’s library, and 2) expand our project by determining the effect of the spacer region on the strength of RBS. The spacer region is defined as an oligonucleotide region consisting of adenine and thiamine nucleotides located between the RBS and start codon. Presumably, the strength of mCherry fluorescence would change when varying the length of the spacer region. In addition to measuring the fluorescence, we also wanted to learn how the position of the RBS would change in the mRNA secondary structure in our spacer experiment, by modeling the secondary structure with the Vienna RNA Package 2. Furthermore, we hope to expand our Interlab study to the use of both plate reader and flow cytometer.
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