Description: A large amount of food processed for human consumption leaves behind agricultural co-products that we hope to utilize. Currently these co-products are shuffled to cattle feed or plowed under. We propose to use synthetic biology to make use of this excess biomass. Our team will capitalize on recent findings in synthetic biology to build a novel conversion platform that can be used by teams worldwide. These global partners will then be able to expand this and create innovative solutions for transforming our agricultural waste into high-value products. As a pilot project of this platform we will synthesize erythritol, a sugar alternative, using a custom made bioreactor. Estimates suggest that we will beat the market price tenfold. While a lower erythritol production cost may disrupt a 2 billion dollar sugar alcohol market, we anticipate our true success will be in the possibilities unlocked by our platform. Erythritol presents a considerable means of returning the value of our agricultural waste back to society, but more importantly we look forward to the advances that other scientists across the globe will make using this new technology.
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