Description: Our Team Tokyo_Tech is currently working on the following four projects:Ⅰ. Representing fashion show and Othello with the interaction among E.Coli. Ⅱ. Engineering the E.Coli which can secrete and absorb protein. Ⅲ. Engineering the E.Coli which can increase the efficiency to allocate phosphorus fertilizer and synthesize a variety of plant hormones. Ⅳ. Representing the famous fairy tale, Snow White with the interaction among E.Coli. Ⅰ. We have developed the mechanism about coating the surface of E.Coli , and run the fashion show of E.Coli with various kinds of fluorescence. It is expected that the development of proteins which bind with specific antibody or cell targeted would be applied to determining the location of the target, establishing the system to control the motion of the target and also microbe sensor for the specific substance. This system will be applied in various fields such as Biology and Medicine. In our opinion, the control of multiple motions among E.Coli will be used as a device of microbe sensor by combinating E.Coli and hardware. Ⅱ. We aim to develop the system of E.Coli which can secrete a large amount of target protein. because in order to synthesize and collect target protein, we have to break down the whole E.Coli, It‘s a time-consuming process to get the purified target protein. However, if the system secreting the target protein efficiently can be established, we’ll be able to produce the target protein without killing E.Coli and reduce the cost of production. Ⅲ. We are trying to produce phosphoric acid from phosphate in E. Coli which is hardly soluble and not absorbed by plants. Through this process,it will be able to increase the efficiency of phosphorus fertilizer’s allocation and to alleviate the depletion of phosphate rock. In addition, we aim to grow vegetables in a short term by synthesizing plant hormone by E.Coli. Ⅳ. We plan to apply AHL-degrading enzyme and toxin used for representing Snow White by E.Coli in the practice. AHL-degrading enzyme can be applied to preventing the generation of biofilm. In our opinion, the death of malignant cells can be induced by inducing the expression of toxin gene. According to the mathematical modeling about competition and balance of bacteria, we are still studying about the analysis of the competition among bacteria populations in vivo, river and soil.
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