Description: We have previously carried out experiments with Myxobacteria, poorly studied bacteria with great biotechnological potential because of its capacity of producing a large number of secondary metabolites. They are also known for their properties of predation, fruiting bodies formation, and desiccation resistance.We isolated this bacteria from our region and we got proof they are able to inhibit fungus and other bacteria. Therefore, we saw a potential iGEM project on enhancing Myxobacteria’s properties to attack some specific endemic fungi.We decided to apply enhanced Myxobacteria to solve a diffused problem in our local agriculture. The state of Chihuahua is the 2nd producer of alfalfa in Mexico. This legume has a significant impact on our economy, but it is often put at risk by different biological factors such as bacteria, fungus, plagues, extreme temperatures and hydric stress.Our team set to work with Myxobacteria to battle Rhizoctonia solani, a fungus affecting alfalfa by rotting different parts of the plant.
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