Description: At the very beginning of our project we brainstormed various FORMs of a synthetic biology product. Editing and rearranging genes are basic methods in synthetic biology just like coding in information science and technology. The most obvious form is a MACHINE which responses to an input (chemical molecules , physical stimulus etc) with corresponding outputs. That's why this competition is always mentioned ' genetically engineered machine '. A deeper view of gene ' programming ' suggest that a general algorithm is another exciting form of products. An algorithm can be adjusted to be applied in different problems with multifarious variables. The first several ideas we came up with, though seems to be naive, were aimed at only one form of the mentioned above. A machine which transfers chitin into drugs or glue was defeated by cheap chemical processes in factories . An algorithm of sending a spy with survival advantages and a effective kill switch to remove harmful species was denied, for we did not determine a suitable example and we were not sure about its safety when the kill switch fails to work.After months of debate we focus on gut microbes. People suffer a lot if they have trouble with the most important organ of their digestive system. Diseases come and go, but gut microbes are faithful residents. How we wish they participate in defense with their nature of being living creatures!We need an example, anyway. Our research shows that gut diseases did not receive sufficient attention in China, such as IBD , the inflammatory bowel diseases. Mechanisms remain a riddle and scientists are still seeking for therapies. We may have a try!Our aim is to program gut microbes to sense the diseases, to supply curing molecules,to adjust the dose automatically and to terminate the treatment when necessary. This will be our ' algorithm ', and IBD is the specific example as well as the entry point. Parts with the features and therapies of IBD will be applied and we hope the engineered gut residents would stand up for their homeland !
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