Description: As high school students, we want to something meaningful which can change the world. We gathered after school brainstorming our ideas, including the aspect of environment, health care, and food safety-of all the subjects. Seeking an advancing method which potentially deals with people’s recent problems in lives, our team has experienced a long discussion throughout March. We had searched for mounts of paper on the website while still in school. A late article published in April on NCBI give us light. It characterized SDF1α-elastin-like-peptide nanoparticles, which can highly accelerate wound closure. After perusing the paper and further investigating into the topic in the reality, we agreed that we would set our topic as wound healing.However, we want our final products not only to promote wound closure, but also prevent infection, which is another important aspect of wound helaing. Therefore, we choose LL-37 and DCD-1L as the two antimicrobial peptides reach this purpose.SDF1 is a human growth factor which supports re-epithelialization. When fused with ELP(elastic like peptide), a peptide with repeated sequence of a pentapeptide, it can better fix on the skin, since ELP will aggregate into nanoparticles after being expressed at the temperature of 40 Celsius. LL-37 and DCD-1L both can prevent growth of a wide range of bacteria including Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. We designed the device that can be used by every family. The device includes temperature control since the temperature can induce the aggregation of ELP. We plan to design an APP as well to instruct users.At the same time, we design and plan our Human Practice. In summer vacation, we will carry on the activities, cooperation with companies and experiments we planned.
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