Description: When discussing SynBiology, one usually starts from parts to devices. And this time, we think from devices to parts. While studying on a device, a biologist may encounter new parts the functions of which are still unknowable. Based on a database of enough parts including their sequences and functions, the software can automatically find out existing parts the sequences of which highly tally with the new parts’. Following that the software will analyze the functions of these parts and draw the common ground. Thus, the functions of new parts will be knowable to us. Through this way we can constantly extend the base of parts and that will definitely contribute to the development of SynBiology.SJTU-Software 2015 developed a web-based tool to search, evaluate and visualize biobricks at part, devise and system levels. This year, we make it as a part of our software. Knowing the function of every part, the software will provide various permutations of different parts, which form devices. The software evaluates devices and draws them into a database of viable devices. After inputting requirements, the software offers the most viable device. So a biologist may directly put it into experiments, which shortens the time dramatically.
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