Description: This year, we designed an innovative insole called "Comfootable" to prevent foot odor and foot infection of microorganisms by two strains of engineered E.coli, after our project brainstorming in January 2016. Two engineered strains E.coli both involve VHb gene to promote the growth ability in tough environment and some genes in two strains are knocked out to keep the strains themselves odorless. In strain 1, CecropinXJ, an antimicrobial peptide, is supposed to express in a fussion protein form to attack other microorganisms including fungi by foot temperature induced cell lysis. In strain 2, liv operon / polyleucine protein and aarC are expected to remove the odor in shoes. The insole has a specialized shape and inner structure design to make sure the successful diffusion of substrate, availability of microorganism growth and biosafety. Two strains are mixed together in the insole system to grow. We did a lot of modeling work, and we hope to spread the knowledge of foot odor and human microbiome through a series of attractive human practice projects. Sichuan University Architect Competition of Microorganism Application: Human Microbiome, for example, which attracted more than 200 students to attend in Sichuan University and Sichuan Agricultural University
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