Description: Team SCAU-China set up in March, 2015. In the first three months, we actively come up with various thoughts in the meetings every twice a week, exchanging our idea with all the team members. Delightfully, we always got inspiration from other's sharing. After that, we divided our team into several small groups to work over several ideas, which were thought to be viable and meaningful. We dedicated to our issue and cooperated with other group members to complete them. Eventually, two projects stood out among all, with their name astaxanthin biosynthesis in rice endosperm and PHBV biosynthesis in E.coil. In June of 2015, both two projects started their experiments respectively and in March, 2016, the astaxanthin one was selected to be our final project for iGEM competition due to its satisfying progress and surprising innovation. Now our wet-lab experiment is well progressing and we have made some plans for human practice, wiki making and other sections. We will try our best to complete our project, which will be the debut of rice endosperm with a safe and productive bioreactor in the iGEM competition.
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