Description: Uranium, a heavy metal element, is weakly radioactive and poses a threat to both the environment and human health. A person can be exposed to uranium by inhaling dust in the air or by ingesting contaminated water and food. Long-term exposure to uranium increases the risk of various diseases and health issues including cancer, kidney problems and immune system damage. Uranium has become more commonplace due to nuclear accidents (the Chernobyl Accident,the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant Explosion), uranium mining and the development of depleted uranium weapons.To alleviate these problems, the Peking iGEM team aims to construct a novel functional biological material, which can absorb uranyl ion with the employment of a specific uranium-binding protein. This novel material has numerous promising characteristics such as high specificity, high efficiency, self-assembly and self-reproduction. With some modification, the design can be applied to deal with uranyl ion in polluted water and soil, demonstrating its impressive potential. We believe that the material can effectively solve the increasingly serious uranium pollution in the near future.
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