Description: The power of targeted genome editing for gene therapy is the primary inspiration for our team to study on the CRISPR-Cas9 system. With the accuracy of this CRISPR-Cas system, it can undoubtedly spur the development of molecular therapeutic for human diseases. However, as CRISPR-Cas system is still a newly developed genome editing tool, there are challenges faced by using CRISPR-Cas system. For instance, off-target mutagenesis, efficiency of Cas9 nucleases are still not well-compared among different bacterial species and the existed Cas9 nuclease might achieves only moderate efficiency for genome targeting. Hence, our team would like to firstly conduct a comprehensive study on characterization and evaluation of Cas9 nucleases from different species. Besides, research works on improving the efficiency of HDR for double stranded donor template will be performed as well.
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