Description: It all begins with a news we saw on TV.The news is about an old man who had a conflict with a police. At night, driving a car, the old man was stopped by a police and he asked the old man to pull over and have an alcohol examination. However, the old man refused to take the test and started shouting at the police. It occurred to us that the testing method used these days seems to contain a few problems and wasn’t that reliable to the public. Therefore, we started to aim at finding a better way to proceed the alcohol test. Here’s how our project was born. First, we did quite a lot of research about how alcohol tests work and tried to find out the way alcohol reacts with the proteins and chemicals in our bodies. After few weeks of working and a long discussion, we came up with the idea of using the method that blood glucose meters equipped. We decided to oxidize alcohol and produce hydrogen peroxide to cause exchanging of electrons then detect it by blood glucose meters. Then, we conducted a survey of whether people will be more willing to take alcohol tests if the results are more accurate, and the results support our project.Thus, we believe the way will finally work out and can reflect the alcohol content in our bodies better.
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