Description: The biological pattern formation is a important research field in Systems Biology. In the past 50 years, there were several major breakthroughs on finding the mechanisms of biological pattern formation. Many classical theories have been proposed, for instance, The Turing Model (A.M.TURING et al, 1952) and The Clock And Wavefront Model (Cooke, J, 1976), etc. With the emergence of Synthetic Biology, many research teams are trying to understand and verify these theoretical models with the ideology of Synthetic Biology and some developments have been made (Liu Chenli et al, 2013). However, the understanding to the mechanisms of biological pattern formation is far from mature. For this year, we are aiming at developing a system in which computers are used to guide the biological pattern formation. In this project, the easy operability and strong control ability of computers are exploited to monitor and regulate the growth process of bacterial community in real time to achieve the shape we want. Our system can also be extended to eukaryotic cell community which will be useful in aiding the development of biological tissues and the regeneration of organs.
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