Description: Background: Chinese Medicine has been among our ancestors and still remains today with us since its discovery around 5000 years ago. Chinese Medicine is not just a mixture of herbs and seeds that can cure people, but represents a crucial culture of Asians. However, as technology advances, people begin to take artificial drugs with more scientific proof of curing. But what really prevents people from taking Chinese Medicine is the poison in it. Yes, Chinese Medicine has been found to carry large amounts of poison. Whether it is the preservation or producing process, Chinese Medicine has a much higher contamination chance than artificial drugs due to its natural source. If this risk of poisoning remains, people will no longer take Chinese Medicine. And sadly, this distinctive culture will be forever gone. Solution: We decided to create a series of E. coli biosensor. When the bacteria detect certain poison in the environment, they will produce fluorescence protein. That way, we can detect the poison inside the Chinese Medicine by just examining the fluorescence intensity. Also, to make our project more efficient and standardized, we developed a biosensor kit. With the suitable pH level, temperature, E. coli living environment, we can provide a more accurate and faster result.
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