Description: Fluigi is an end-to-end specify, design, and build workflow for the development of continuous flow microfluidics. With Fluigi, users can specify microfluidic devices through a high level description of liquid flow relations. Our application will automatically place and route the design schematic of the microfluidic, and our application is compatible with low cost and readily available CAD tools that will build the final microfluidic device. The Boston University 2016 iGem Hardware Team is completing this workflow by providing a front end user interface that allows simple and intuitive navigation of the application. This user interface encapsulates the whole of the workflow: users can write files that specify the function of the microfluidic. Users can then preview and edit their microfluidic design that was placed by the application. Users can use this application directly with CAD tools such as a CNC mill to fabricate their device. Finally, our application provides the ability to physically control valves and ports on the microfluidic chip through the user interface. The iGem team is also complementing this workflow by developing and releasing open source designs of our hardware, including parametric 3D print files, and firmware for microcontrollers that actuate the microfluidic valves. Finally, the iGem team is also involved in the development of the place and route software that converts a high level description of liquid flow relations into a microfluidic netlist that can that be converted into a design schematic.
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